Homemade Dog Drinker

Dogs at home? Recycle a tire and build a very creative homemade drinking fountain that will be the envy of the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood;)



  • Brush
  • Keyhole saw
  • Drill


  • Metal bowl
  • Wood
  • Tire
  • Acrylic paint
  • Spray paint
  • Metric Screws


1. Cut the wood

To create a homemade drinking fountain for your dog, you need to make a wooden base that, screwed to the tire, will serve to hold the metal bowl into which the water is poured. This base will be circular and, attached to the inner edge of the tire, will have an interior hole in which the bowl fits – it is essential that this bowl has a pronounced edge to hold onto the wood.

With a pencil, trace the base of the sprue on a wooden board. You can use a ribbon to make the circle: screwed to the board and with a hole at the height of the radius you want, pass a pencil through that hole and turn it as a compass. The outer edge of the piece of wood has to be higher than the inner edge of the tire, while the inner gap has to match the measurements of the bowl. Cut with a saw

In our case, the total radius of the piece of wood is 20.75 cm and the radius of the interior gap, 14.75 cm.

2. Make the holes

Once you have the piece of wood to hold the metal bowl, make the holes that will allow you to attach it to the tire. Mark four equidistant spots on the wood and use a drill to make the holes. Use those same holes to mark the points to be drilled on the tire and make as many holes.

3. Paint the pieces

Before joining the tire and the piece of wood, paint both parts. Clean the surface of the tire well with the help of a brush and apply a layer of primer for plastics: this will unify the adhesion of the paint over the entire surface of the tire. Paint the wheel with spray paint. Instead, we used multi-surface acrylic paint for the piece of wood. Paint and let dry.

4. Put the pieces together

When you have the pieces painted and dry, fix the wooden base to the tire using metric screws.

5. Decorate the tire

To give your new drinking fountain an even more special and distinctive touch, decorate the surface with footprints painted with a little acrylic paint. If you are not the most skilled person in the world painting freehand, you can help yourself with a template made with paper, as we have done.

When your prints are dry, put the metal bowl and … tach├ín! You already have a perfect pet drinker to put on your terrace. Tell us what you think in the comments!